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Photo:Administrative BuildingAdministrative Building

Photo:No.2 PlantNo.2 Plant

Company Name ERG CO.,LTD
Address 250-6, Uda Tomioka-city Gunma 370-2451 Japan
Establishment Founded by Kentaro Kirihara
on March 22, 1947
Capital 20,000,000yen
President Masaaki Kirihara
Floor area of the buildings
Factory site 5,572m2
Total Floor area
No.1 Plant 1,598m2
No.2 Plant 1F 555m2
                2F 533m2
Office     @1F 435m2
                2F 414m2
Main Banks Gunma bank
Mizuho Bank
Japan Finance Corporation

We express our company object by the word [ERG]

[ERG] means [be perfect] (abbreviation of eranze) in Germany. ERG creates [New Value] with the advanced surface treatment technology, and make a part that is to be. The part can gain [ideal brightness], its object. Therefore, our work is fulfilled with roman of beauty. It is also brightness of worker [Pleasure = Brightness] E R G of erg. mean as follows in Germany.
E: Echt......Real (= Absolute Value)
R: an object (= to be ideal)
G: Glanz........Brightness

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